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The Maes

The Maes


May, 2019

MAE Music


built around a simple dappled banjo melody, Maggie’s joyous but bittersweet Head Over Heels (“The end’s not the fires of hell/Or a wedding bell/It’s a bit of a shame we get on so well”) is an early highlight which, Elsie’s fiddle entering midway perfectly showcases their harmonies on the chorus. ...another standout comes with the close harmony sung, choppy strum of the tempo-shifting Tenderness and Alcohol, the melody breaking out into a friskier, hand-clappy flourishes that rather belie Elsie’s lyrical content of “This is where I leave you/This is how we leave it…I’ll walk you to the front gate, lean over the fence to wave you out/From my driveway.”

Mike Davies,

Producer / Engineer